Jointly planned by the Digi+ Digital Economy Industry Promotion Office and the Taiwan Virtual Internet Celebrity Association,

Through this sharing and exchange activity,

Assist more people in the industry or the industry that is about to invest in the creative application of digital content

Improve the understanding of digital entertainment IP related trends and applications, such as VTuber virtual internet celebrity development technology,

Dynamic capture technology application and other aspects.

The theme of the event includes VTuber development practical experience sharing, animation IP cross-field development,

Unity real-time facial expression production, digital game IP dynamic capture project example sharing,

Dynamic capture technology is applied in series in real time, etc.


Event Location

digiBlock C (1st Floor, Building C, No. 287, Section 3, Chengde Road, Datong District, Taipei City)


【Activity cost】

[Suitable object]

  Those who are interested in Unity facial animation
  Those who are interested in the development and application of VTuber

  Those who are interested in motion capture technology


+ Ranses Creative Image Co., Ltd.  Yao Mengchao Bruce-Yao/CEO

He was deeply influenced by Japanese animation since he was a child. He studied at Fuxing Art in high school. After graduation, he worked as a short cartoonist at Qingwen Publishing House. After leaving the army, he found that computers had replaced manual manuscripts. So he enrolled in Yunlin University of Science and Technology and studied 3D computer animation.

After graduation, he served as the animation director of Jiama Creative Company. In 2004, he co-founded Ranses Animation Co., Ltd. with several partners. He has participated in the production of many TV feature-length animation series "Original Knowing Original Flavor-Aboriginal Myths and Stories" and " Kung Fu Star Cat-TV Animation Album, "Legend of the Demon Trail-TV Animation Album", "Little Sister-TV Animation Album"... etc.

+ Unity Taiwan  Luo Zhida Kelvin Lo / Original Lecturer
As a Unity original lecturer, Kelvin Lo is committed to effectively conveying Unity development technology to developers. After 13 years of game development and an experienced player, he believes that the biggest problem for Taiwanese developers is not the technology, but the need to communicate. I always put "I only introduce the latest features" on the sidelines. In addition to bringing the latest knowledge to Taiwan developers, I am also always willing to help Taiwan developers. In addition to Google, there are more channels to solve problems.

+ Quide Creative

Lv Zhiwei Awei/Creative Director, Product Animation Director of MSI Technology Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Business One Media (Senior Skeleton Setting Director), Yu Jun Aoting (CG Producer/Senior 3D Art) Digital Cinema Studio (Director/Technical Director) , Takumi Animation (director/production manager/technical director), eight major TV stations (senior 3D animator), Dongsen Shopping Station (senior 3D animator), Yama Imaging (senior 3D animator), Jiama Creative (3D animator), Essence Technology (3D animator) and acted as a consultant or lecturer for many animation companies.

+ Daewoo Information Co., Ltd. 
Ellen Xiao/Associate Director of Audio and Video has been a video designer who has been in the game industry for nearly 10 years. He has worked for Legend Network, China Open Dragon, and Daewoo Information. He has produced dozens of TV and online commercials, game promotional videos, and opening animations.
Participating projects are as follows: "Xuanyuan Jianqi", "Shen Bing Xuan Qi", "Swallowing Heaven and Earth 5", "Sent from Huang Yi", "Chinese Hero", "Fantasy Realm", "The Biography of Famous Generals", "Sky Story" , "Sacred Land Legend", "Elf Movement"... etc.


+ Taiwan Internet Celebrity Virtual Association  Zhu Weikang/Director

Current Sheep-Baa Integrated Marketing Associate Senior Business Manager, Greater China Region, Jiashang Technology

IEI Industrial Computer European Business Manager

2017 Speed Cup Original Concept Sketch Contest Review

Curator of Chinese Film Special Effects and Asian Visual Effects Preview Lecture

Industry-university-oriented digital audio-visual visual effects post-system training course guidance

【Event Description】

1. In case of unexpected unexpected factors, the organizer reserves the right to change the content of the event.
2. This event adopts the pre-online registration system, and the organizer reserves the right to final review the registration qualifications.
3. Successful applicants should present their QR CODE to scan and check their names on the day of the event before entering the venue.
4. Admission to the event site is free, and admission is in accordance with the order of registration.
5. Due to limited seats on site, please enter the venue as soon as possible. If the online registration is full, the on-site alternate students will be open to enter the venue 10 minutes before the start of the activity, but there is no guarantee whether there is a seat.
6. In order to protect the rights and interests of lecturers, recording and photography are strictly prohibited in this event. If there are people who do not listen to repeated persuasion, the organizer has the right to ask the students to leave.

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