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October 16, 2021

2021 Digital Taipei builds a platform for intelligent content industry achievements to create a future scientific and technological life

Waves of epidemics around the world have accelerated the wave of digital transformation, making AI, big data, cloud and other applications and systems more mature, making the appearance of smart technology life more diversified, gradually subverting our daily life mode. In this regard, the organizer, the Industry Bureau of the Ministry of Economy, held the "2021 Digital Taipei Future Life Smart Technology" activity at the DigiBlock C Digital Innovation Base in Taipei Digital Content Industry Park. From October 7 to October 9, there will be a total of 11 offline exhibitions. There are theme exhibition areas, 5 forums, and 4 virtual theme pavilions of intelligent manufacturing, smart entertainment, smart medical care and smart retail, with a total of 63 teams. The three-day event includes visits from Yongchun High School, Deming University of Finance, Economics and Technology, Shixin University and other school groups, and many industries have advanced to visit the exhibition or participate in the forum. The number of online views of the virtual pavilion reached 16,799.

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August 20, 2021

VTuber promotes a new mode of online performance. The virtual person creation competition won the prize.

Digital transformation of the global industry has become the future trend. In the field of digital exhibitions, virtual YouTuber (VTuber) technology and applications are becoming more and more mature. The local creation service office of the consortium corporate information industry strategy association (the creation department of the capital strategy association) held the 3rd "2021 international virtual hacker pine creation. The competition will be held online on August 19th? Ceremony, online synchronous display of multiple virtual human technologies is expected to drive online economy and diversified exhibition mode.

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January 12, 2021

[The 3rd Virtual Internet Celebrity Design Competition in Taiwan] Award Ceremony

"The 3rd Virtual Internet Celebrity Design Contest in Taiwan" is a brainstorming creative idea activity. Through this activity, local creative talents are gathered, from the perspectives of city, culture, tourism, history, etc., using Affinity creative tools to design VTuber with local characteristics promotes its culture to the world.

In the era of digital economy, all parts of the world are working hard to develop local mascots, which often reflect local agricultural products, animals, or humanities. Recently, a virtual mascot has opened an online VTuber channel to interact with the public.

Taiwan itself also has a wealth of localized content, and hopes to turn it into an IP through this event, and introduce Taiwan's IP to friends around the world in the form of VTuber.


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July 14, 2020

Opening Ceremony of 5G Living Lab Innovation Demonstration Field

The Bureau of Industry and Chunghwa Telecom cooperated to create a 5G demonstration field. The first 6 groups of new creation teams were selected to develop in this space, provide network access testing and equipment certification. In the future, whether in the game field, or watching exhibitions and meetings in remote places , Can make full use of high network speed, real-time interaction close to zero seconds.





March 24, 2020

Southeast University of Science and Technology x Motion Capture Demonstration

🤖Southeast University of Science and Technology x Taiwan Virtual Internet Celebrity Association Motion Capture Performance Hybrid Mocap


Dance performances by students, inviting industry and teachers to participate.




October 22, 2019

Fuxing Commercial-Digital IP Animation and Game Production Art Planning and Case Sharing

This event invites Japan's LinkedBrain, G-angle, and the domestic Ransex Animation Co., Ltd. to share how different industries have entered the cross-field development of digital IP in terms of digital IP entertainment, industry demand for art talents, and the latest trends in the connection industry. , To share across borders. 

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June 21-23, 2019

2019 First International Forum and Hackathon Creation Event

"VTuber Hackathon Creation Activity" is a two-day, 30-hour continuous brainstorming creative idea activity. This activity gathers creative talents from various universities and colleges, from screenwriting, photography, animation to film post-production, using motion capture technology to make VTuber combined with real-life scenes to create videos that meet commercial applications and brand marketing.


October 07, 2021

2021 Digital Taipei Future Life Intelligent Technology Shows Virtual and Multi-applications

From October 7 to October 9, the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economy held the 13th "2021 Digital Taipei Future Life Intelligent Technology" activity from October 7 to October 9. In addition to displaying AR/VR, virtual VTuber and other digital twin technologies with 11 virtual integration experiences, it also invited Mr. Luo Zhida, an international Unity lecturer, Manager NVIDIA Wang Yingci, Japanese game producer Mr. Yuming Miki, Director Chen Guozhang of Domestic Jingcheng Information, and the co-founder of Candle Game Wang Hanyu, etc., bringing 5 wonderful forums such as professional technology and Taiwan-Japanese game cooperation and sharing.

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May 11, 2021

Wistron joins the VTuber battle! Interview with the real person behind VTuber

Did you know that VTuber in Taiwan has been in development for more than 3 years?

This year can also be called the "Year of Enlightenment" for VTuber in Taiwan. The admission time is a bit later than Japan, but it is much earlier than the "outbreak period" in Europe and America.


"Digital Times" compiled the changes from 2018 to the present, and analyzed the development direction of Taiwan's VTuber circle. How many VTubers are there today in Taiwan? who are they? What is the future?


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August 07, 2020

The rise of virtual idols cross borders to seize global business opportunities
20200905【Taiwan rushes to the money】

Do you know how virtual idols were born? Hurry up and watch the special report of the Times News Channel [Taiwan Xiang Qian Chong] in this issue to gain a deeper understanding of the operation of the digital virtual industry. The content of the program introduces the role that the Association is committed to playing in this new trend-providing a high-quality creative field The domain allows young creators who are eager to invest bravely to try and unleash their infinite creativity.

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July 03, 2020

​International Virtual Human Forum

"International Virtual Human Forum" invited the CEO and founder of the film special effects production company that participated in "Water Walker", the CEO and founder of Activ8 Co., Ltd. and the CEO and founder of Glassbox Technologies to talk about the creative process. Tang Shengrong, general manager of Hancao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. of the Netflix series "Who is the Victim", also shared the experience of how Asian companies entered the global market.

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February 19, 2020

Hybrid Mocap digital entertainment and motion capture demonstration exchange tea party

<Illusory Realm: Mocap Little Theater-Hybrid>

Hybrid Mocap Studio takes you into the real world!

In this event, performers will be invited to perform motion capture, so that schools that are about to invest in creative applications of digital content will have a better understanding of relevant trends and applications, such as VTuber virtual internet celebrity development technology, dynamic capture technology application and other aspects.

The theme of the event includes sharing of the rise of VTuber virtual internet celebrities, real-time serial application of dynamic capture technology, etc.


October 18, 2019

Original IP Creation and VTuber Business Application Technology Sharing Session

The theme of the event includes drawing creation, character design, VTuber case sharing, and the popular short comic creator "Xianjie Dashi", character creation and on-site hand-painted demonstration, and "Kadokawa International Animation Education", "Kameike Animation", "Digital Axis Net Red Hunter" shares character creation and marketing experience and VTuber management.

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October 01, 2021

Chang Jung Christian University announces launch of New Virtual Reality Media Center for animation, movie, and motion capture.

The establishment of a virtual cross-border media center at Chang Jung Christian University was inaugurated today. President Li Yonglong pointed out that in order to cultivate talents in the digital film and television and animation industry, relevant software and hardware equipment have been continuously built over the years. In addition to the digital audio-visual center, relevant equipment has also been built by the film and television design departments. This year, he also received the scholarship of the Higher Education Deeply Cultivated Private School to build a "virtual Cross-border Media Center" to provide digital film and television shooting and animation. Capture, virtual studio, computer animation production environment.

Chen Fengping, chairman of Taiwan Virtual Internet Celebrity Association, said that he looked forward to cooperating with EVA University and technical exchanges to provide relevant industries in the central and southern regions. In terms of production needs such as digital film and television shooting and action capture, 3D animation, he could have a perfect technical support practical platform and become a good model of industry-university cooperation.

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April 11, 2021

Live VTuber is all restored by the gods in the middle

In other words, every virtual internet celebrity is a real person behind the screen wearing a virtual skin. Luo Helin said that these behind-the-scenes performers are called "people in the middle," and the people in the middle are the souls of the characters. Once the people in the middle reveal their real-world appearance, they are very likely to lose their previous achievements. For example, a cute-looking VTuber "Foxgirl" once lost a large number of fans due to his negligence that the person in question is suspected to be an uncle.

Barbie also moved to make a video

Compared with real Internet celebrities, they will also face an image crisis. Chen Fengping, chairman of the Taiwan Virtual Internet Celebrity Association, said that the advantage of virtual Internet celebrities is that as long as they have software and hardware, they can start again at any time. In the program, there will be no strikes, no drug abuse, and running a virtual internet celebrity speaker is very beneficial to the company."


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August 07, 2020

Digital twin co-creation platform launched in Taiwan and cross-border business media exchange meeting

In order to reflect the innovative application of digital twins, the organizer used "virtual human system", "transparent floating display", "virtual human stage lighting control", "5G wireless transmission" and "animated voice actor" technology to jointly create virtual human "Guo Jia" Team", using the homonym of the national team as the virtual person’s name, made its first public appearance at the event site and acted as the host, and showed the dual-host interaction with the real host. "Media Exchange" kicked off.


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April 04, 2020

Cotai Puppet Show

Traditional culture x motion capture

Puppet puppetry, the most important quintessence of puppet show, inherits the culture and art of puppet show through mobile games, and uses motion capture records to preserve puppetry skills intact!

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December 14, 2019

Geek Pine x Maker Pine
Providence University VTuber x game x maker

The "Geek Pine X Maker Pine" design competition held at Providence University covers virtual internet celebrities, games, and maker designs. It is shown that students are very involved in creation and brainstorming with the team~

These young creators will surely become the rising stars of the future!!

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October 07, 2019

Digital entertainment IP development technology and dynamic capture application exchange lecture

The theme of the event includes sharing of practical experience in VTuber development, cross-domain development of animation IP, Unity real-time facial expression production, sharing of digital game IP dynamic capture project examples, and real-time serial application of dynamic capture technology.

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August 21, 2021

VTuber drives a new model in the Virtual Contest of the Strategic Committee

The epidemic has affected the global industry to actively find digital transformation solutions. In the field of digital exhibitions, the virtual YouTuber (VTuber) boom is sweeping the world, and technology and applications are becoming more and more mature. Therefore, the local creation service office of the information industry strategy association of the consortium, under the guidance of the Industry Bureau of the Ministry of Economy, held the 3rd "2021 International Virtual Hacking Pine Creation Competition". On August 19, an online award ceremony was held to display a number of virtual human technologies online synchronously, which is expected to drive the online economy and diversified exhibition mode.

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April 05, 2021

The rise of virtual internet celebrity VTuber, business opportunities should not be underestimated

Progressive virtual community VTuber is unstoppable!

os: We will come to the Virtual Internet Celebrity Association Technology Training Center in Taipei City.


Super 3: Taiwan’s Virtual Internet Celebrity Association Chen Fengping: “I think VTuber is actually one, an operation method, how do you communicate in the most cost-effective and effective way? Now young people are more willing to watch it.”

os: Virtual communities already exist at this stage. Using virtual characters for marketing is a new trend in the future.


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July 17, 2020

Asia Hackathon Creation Contest Award Ceremony

With the theme of "Life Under Quarantine", this year's competition attracted more than 233 people to participate in the team formation. The competition was created with virtual characters. The intensity of the competition is not inferior to that of the "real person" Internet celebrities! Through all the entries in this competition, we have seen the continuous improvement of creativity and technology in Taiwan's VTuber industry; we are honored to have all the contestants participating, allowing us to discover more outstanding Taiwanese creative teams.

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March 31, 2020

Karate Association

Traditional martial arts x motion capture

Combining martial arts and technology, fully record and save the "type" of karate


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November 20, 2019

IP Technology Business Application Seminar
Digital Human's virtual and real integration of real shooting technology is unveiled

The new media era is coming. The event includes original IP creation and VTuber creation video sharing, and an invitation to Asun Technology to give lectures on international application cases of body and facial motion capture, Digital Human technology lectures, VR/AR somatosensory immersive live demonstration exchanges, etc. .


May 3-July 15, 2019

2019 First Campus Character Design Competition

All kinds of students on campus, no matter they are fresh and lively, alternative and cool, can use their imagination unlimitedly and become a new generation of campus stars!